For over thirty years, I have been involved in nearly every aspect of running events: event management, promotions, ticketing and booking systems, stage management, and sound and media production.

Earle Webber

For over thirty years, I have been running, promoting and providing digital tools for events.

My passion for event management is all-encompassing. I enjoy every task, whether booking talent, creating promotional materials, setting up sound equipment, managing the desk, or door security.
Post-COVID, I was privileged to be part of a significant event in the industry's recovery. The first major concert...

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Promotions and Marketing

  • Event Branding
  • Website Development
  • EDM Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Print Advertising Creation
  • Video Advertising Creation

Event Management

  • Booking and Scheduling Tallent
  • Running Ticket Sales 
  • Managing National Tours
  • Security and Crowd Control

Technical and Production

  • Producing Online Video 
  • Streaming Live Events
  • Running Sound Boards
  • Editing Live Video feeds

IT & Development

  • Online ticketing and booking systems.
  • Creating an online video submission platform for talent contests.
  • Creating staff management and rostering platforms

Guest Experience

  • Strategic customer journeys
  • Integrated dynamic touchpoints
  • Guest surveys and feedback
  • Online reviews and social media listening
  • Employee feedback
  • Loyalty program engagement

Membership & Community

  • Community building
  • Member engagement
  • Personalised experiences
  • Feedback channels
  • Recognition opportunities